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I have a menu button inside a CMFCToolbar and I would like to replace the bitmap of the button each time a different entry is selected in the menu as each entry has its own icon.

I succeed in changing the icon using CMFCToolBarMenuButton::SetImage but it changes the icon in the menu entry too. Too bad.

alt text alt text

Here is a sample of code:

if ( (pToolbar != NULL) && (idBase != 0) )
    int ixButtonToReplace                   = pToolbar->CommandToIndex(idBase);
    CMFCToolBarMenuButton* pBtnToReplace    = dynamic_cast<CMFCToolBarMenuButton*>
    if ( pBtnToReplace )
        const CObList& listCommands = pBtnToReplace->GetCommands();
        POSITION pos                = listCommands.GetHeadPosition();
        while ( pos != NULL )
            CMFCToolBarMenuButton* pItem = (CMFCToolBarMenuButton*) listCommands.GetNext(pos);
            if ( pItem && (pItem->m_nID == idButtonToReplaceWith) )

Any ideas? Thank you.

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Is the sequence: 12/Content is selected; click on dropdown; click on (X)/Name; Content's icon now changes to Name's? – enriquein Oct 1 '10 at 17:11

It works out-of-box. The only you need is to call CMFCToolBar::AddToolBarForImageCollection so MFC could know which images to use.

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Not sure what you mean by the menu button is changed too?

If another button is changed with the single setImage call to the obvious indication is they share a resource ID of some sort, the only solution would be to ensure they have different ID's (which would require making sure both resources are handled separately). But it's a long time since I messed in MFC resource files to confirm this.

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