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I'm using mvc3 with Razor Engine and I have a condition that when it's true should redirect automaticaly to another page sending an object as parameter. What I want to do is:

@if (cond > 10) {

Url.Action("Edit", product); //redirect in this line automaticaly to the action Edit sending the object as parameter }

Somebody knows if exist a Html.Helper that do this for me? I mean redirect to a page like this: someHtmlHelper("myAction", "myController", myObject).

I tried do this using JavaScript and almost works, I just find some problems in url parameter. The Url.Action returns the symbol code instead the caracter for the special caracters. Like "&" instead "&".

@if (cond > 10) { var url = Url.Action("Edit", product);

var Url = '@url'; location.href = Url;


The url result is: http://localhost:4772/Product/Edit?ProductId=2234&Code=0020582&Name...

I will be injured if MVC3 doesn't has a single page redirect implemented.

So I need help. Thanks.

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@Renvn Is the property cond coming from a controller? If so, why not do the redirect from there while the request is still server-side? –  David Jun 10 '11 at 18:42

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The view isn't the appropriate place for that sort of logic.

Depending on your solution you should either:

A) Check the condition in yor Controller, prior to returning the View, and redirect there like so:

if (cond >= 10) 
    return RedirectToAction("ADifferentResult");

B) Use partial views to conditionally RenderAction like:

    if (cond > 10) 
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@if (cond > 10){@Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Product", new { ProductId = 2234, Code = 0020582 })}
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