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I have a slight issue that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. As I'm a web guy but have little knowledge of objective c.

I am trying to retrieve some information from a website in javascript in my project that requires me to post login information to it (no problems there using Jquery $.post). The page I'm trying to return is only accessible after logging in (in a browser the site checks cookies and user-agents plus a bit of javascript leg work).

How can I create a hidden UIWebView that would do the login page (there for creating the correct session variables etc) so that I can retrieve the information I need?

Or is there a way I can get ChildBrowser Plugin to do this for me? If so how would I tell the Childbrowser window to close once it has reached the post-login page ?

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I ended up finding some type of solution. http://www.pushittolive.com/post/1239874936/facebook-login-on-iphone-phonegap

Using that example I was able to set up childbrowser to open the login-action page, then detect the change and close the browser window.

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Feel free to accept your own answer if you no longer have an issue. Also, it may be worthwhile to summarize the linked article so the answer here is relatively complete. –  Emily Jun 13 '11 at 15:22

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