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Starters: Here is the error that gets generated:

Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.

Code: C#, ASP.NET

Env: VS 2005

What I'm doing is using a BitArray to flip bits based on a certain condition of a TreeView. Right now I'm traversing a TreeView and if the node is checked from a child, I will flip an index in the BitArray. I have multiple TreeViews that I am traversing so I have multiple BitArrays. Once I get all the BitArrays populated, I will convert the bits to an integer value (encoded in a sense) and place them in an int array. Then the ultimate goal is to push the integer values to a database but obviously I can't get that far. Sample code provided below:

        BitArray MTRTECH = new BitArray(8);
        BitArray MTRRD = new BitArray(200);
        BitArray REVSE = new BitArray(100);
        BitArray ETXA = new BitArray(100);
        int[] conversion = new int[11];

        ParentChildCheck(MTRTECHTreeView, MTRTECH);
        MTRTECH.CopyTo(conversion, 7);
        ParentChildCheck(MTRRDRTreeView, MTRRD);
        MTRRD.CopyTo(conversion, 8);  <================ Throws Error Here
        ParentChildCheck(REVSECTreeView, REVSE);
        REVSE.CopyTo(conversion, 9); 
        ParentChildCheck(EXTRATreeView, ETXA);
        ETXA.CopyTo(conversion, 10);

    protected void ParentChildCheck(TreeView parent, BitArray Changes)
        TreeNode temp = new TreeNode();

        for (int index = 0; index < parent.Nodes.Count; index++)
            temp = parent.Nodes[index];

            for (int index2 = 0; index2 < temp.ChildNodes.Count; index2++)


    protected void ChildCheck(TreeNode node, BitArray Selection, int value)
        message2 += node.Text;
        Selection.Set(value, true);

        for (int index = 0; index < node.ChildNodes.Count; index++)
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Your source BitArray MTRRD is internally stored as an array of 7 Int32s, your destination array conversion is an array of 11 Int32s. When you perform the copy you are specifying a index of 8, this index is an index into the destination array, so the copy will overrun because your desintation is not long enough to contain all 7 Int32s starting at index 8.

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Thanks. After beating my head against a wall for 2 hours I posted .. then figured out right after the post that I'm an idiot. Fixed it. went to delete it and I saw that you answered. – SiliVestige Jun 10 '11 at 19:32

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