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So I've got a PHP-based site that's running on Apache. The URL's of the pages I'm talking about look like this: http://www.example.com/?task=0&fw=FW_1W9AigHcAzgtjhBNc6W1QW The long string for fw is randomly generated. Starting from ?fw=FW_1W..., it's always 36 characters long. If someone adds anything to this, a major malfunction occurs and does some permanent damage (weird situation, I know...). What I'm looking to do is make my PHP script ignore everything after a certain number of characters in the URL. Or perhaps ignore everything after 25 characters for $fw? I barely understand programming but I feel like this should be possible... Much appreciated :)

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What an odd setup... but sure you can:

$fwstring = substr($_GET['fw'],0,25);   //get 25 chars from index 0 of $_GET['fw']
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Keep bad requests away from your script:

if (strlen($_GET['fw'])!=36) {
    header("Status: 400 Bad Request", true, 400); 
// your code ...
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