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I'm new to actionscript and i cant seem to get the regex syntax right in actionscript3. The task is straight forward, i want to make sure that the first two characters in a given string are alphabets and nothing else. Here's what I'm doing and obviously it doesn't work or i wouldn't be here! ;-).

what am I doing wrong here?

var fileName:String = "- Earth"; 
var pattern:RegExp = /(A-Z)(a-z){0,1}/;
if (pattern.test(fileName)) {
else {
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Not familiar with actinoscript, but if it follows normal regex type rules, you need a regex more like:


to match two alpha characters at the start of a string.

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You have several things wrong with your regex: first you aren't requring it to start at the beginning of the string. Second, you are looking for A-Z followed by zero or 1 a-z, finally (and this one I'm not sure about), you seem to be using the capturing parens instead of [] for ranges.

You probably want: /^[A-Z][a-z]/, this doesn't match your description but is closer to your code. If you don't care about case for either character then /^[A-Za-z]{2}/.

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