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How does flash scale for fullscreen?

For example, if I draw a shape and give it a width and height of 100px (square)...does that scale up proportionally when the flash is made full screen? Or does that object stay 100px x 100px?

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It will do either depending on the value of stage.scaleMode

From the docs:

The scaling behavior of the movie in full-screen mode is determined by the scaleMode setting (set using the Stage.scaleMode property or the SWF file's embed tag settings in the HTML file). If the scaleMode property is set to noScale while the application transitions to full-screen mode, the Stage width and height properties are updated, and the Stage dispatches a resize event. If any other scale mode is set, the stage and its contents are scaled to fill the new screen dimensions. The Stage object retains its original width and height values and does not dispatch a resize event.

Try it and see what happens.

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It does scale perfectly. Check this , with different sizes of your browser window...

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