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I'm getting a problem with jQuery UI's toggleClass(), where if I leave the duration off, it behaves as expectedly, but with a specified duration, it only applies the class for the specified duration then removes the class.

The following code is loaded in a separate file (application.js) after jQuery and jQuery-UI:

( jQuery );
(function() {
    $('#expandingbox').hover(function() {
       $(this).toggleClass("hover", 1000);
    $('#expandingbox').click(function() {
       $(this).toggleClass("expanded", 1000);

I'm using Rails 3.1, with Coffeescript and Sprockets 2.

Here's an example of my code:

The behaviour I want is: - user hovers over image - image animates down a bit - user clicks on image - image ainmates down a whole lot

Am I not using toggleClass correctly?

UPDATE: The usage was correct but JQuery UI wasn't being loaded correctly. I fixed this problem by loading JQuery UI separately from the Rails 3.1 Sprockets file, from Google's CDN.

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You are using the documentation of a JQuery "library" called JQuery UI.

The method you are actually calling is JQuery's toggleClass ( ), not JQuery UI's.

You can see that the second argument is not duration.

Here is a starting point for you:

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Thanks! I thought loading JQuery UI right after JQuery will override the toggleClass() method, to accept the second parameter as a duration. In the jsfiddle link I had the JQuery UI loaded as an external js file. I'll do some more reading. Thanks a bunch for giving me that starting point! –  joseph Jun 10 '11 at 20:25
No problem. I'm not super familiar with JQuery myself, and my start at a solution is bypassing JQuery UI. It's quite likely that your best bet is to get the dependency working rather than use my solution. –  Kyle Jun 10 '11 at 20:33

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