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I'm currently trying to use googletest with MinGW and -std=c++0x but it complains that _stricmp is not declared in this scope which it doesn't when I do not use -std=c++0x. I have no idea what _stricmp is, I just found out that it is defined in cstring/string.h, so why is it gone in C++0x?

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The -std=c++0x option causes g++ to go into 'strict ANSI' mode so it doesn't declare non-standard functions (and _stricmp() is non-standard - it's just a version of strcmp() that's case-insensitive).

Use -std=gnu++0x instead.

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+1 But this is incredibly annoying. The whole GCC option thing has got out of control, IMHO. –  nbt Jun 10 '11 at 21:46

In addition to solution by Michael there is other method for overriding strict ANSI mode. Include the following before any includes in file with compilation problems:

#ifdef __STRICT_ANSI__
#undef __STRICT_ANSI__

This helps not only with _stricmp also with other common functions like swptintf, vswprintf and simmilar.

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This one actually solved the problem for me, not Michael's answer. I agree with nbt, GCC options need a serious streamlining overhaul. –  TheSHEEEP Mar 10 at 13:44

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