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I have a pretty large test suite and I decorated some of the test_* functions. Now I can't call them by ./ MySqlTestCase.test_foo_double, python3.2 complains that: ValueError: no such test method in <class '__main__.MySqlTestCase'>: result. My decorator code looks like this:

def procedure_test(procedure_name, arguments_count, returns):

    '''Decorator for procedure tests, that simplifies testing whether procedure
    with given name is available, whether it has given number of arguments
    and returns given value.'''

    def decorator(test):
        def result(self):
            procedure = self.db.procedures[]
            self.assertEqual(len(procedure.arguments), arguments_count)
                             None if returns is None else
            test(self, procedure)
        return result
    return decorator

and the test method:

@procedure_test('foo_double', 0, 'integer')
def test_foo_double(self, procedure):
    self.assertEqual(procedure.database, self.db)
    self.assertEqual(procedure.sql, 'RETURN 2 * value')
    self.assertArguments(procedure, [('value', 'int4')])
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I think the problem is that the decorated function doesn't have the same name and, also, it doesn't satisfy the pattern to be considered a test method.

Using functools.wrap to decorate decorator should fix your problem. More information here.

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Nice, good to know that, thanks. – gruszczy Nov 17 '11 at 11:53

This help me:

from functools import wraps


def decorator(test):
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