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What am I doing wrong ? I just downloaded the latest Rx sdk, installed. Using vs 2010, .net 4 have all latest sp/updates etc. Downloaded/installed linqpad, Added reference to the reactive dll as shown in the attached screenshot. Added the one line as shown in the linqpad demo but get an error when I run. Please advise. Right click on image and view image for clear view.


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The download on the Rx home page is not actually the latest Rx SDK. The latest release is on the Reactive Extensions Team Blog site and is currently the Christmas 2010 May 2011 June 2011 release.

In the release you're using, the Observable class is in the System.Reactive.Linq namespace (rather than the System.Linq namespace). Press F4 again and enter System.Reactive.Linq into "Additional Namespace Imports". (Or if you have autocompletion, a smart tag will appear and do the job for you).

This will get you up and running with Rx in LINQPad. Calling .Dump() on an observable is non-blocking, so you can Dump multiple observables at once.

For example:

Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)).Take(5).Dump("1 second");
Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(.5)).Take(5).Dump(".5 second");

The result:

.5 second → 0
1 second → 0
.5 second → 1
.5 second → 2
1 second → 1
.5 second → 3
.5 second → 4
1 second → 2
1 second → 3
1 second → 4

The query will finish when all the observables have ended (or you press Cancel).

To run another reactive query, press Ctrl+Shift+N. This creates a new query with the same properties (references, namespace imports, etc). Another trick, if you have autocompletion, is to click 'Save as Snippet' after adding the assembly / namespace import. Then whenever you type the shortcut (e.g., 'rx') and press tab, the references and namespaces will be added automatically.

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I cannot believe my question was answered by the venerable Mr Albahari. I have learned so much from your threading, pfx tutorials. Basically a big fan like most of us in this community. I will do as per your suggestion and also plan to buy a pro license of this tool for intellisense and other features. thank you –  Gullu Jun 11 '11 at 17:03
Actually, there are two releases after the Christmas release. The latest release is microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26225 - +1 on Joe's tool though, it's fantastic for exploring both Linq and Rx! –  Paul Betts Jun 11 '11 at 18:28
Thanks - I've just downloaded that release and noticed it supports the new GetAwaiter pattern, so you can await observables in the latest async CTP! –  Joe Albahari Jun 12 '11 at 2:05
Where did you see the GetAwaiter pattern in the new Reactive DLLs? I did a quick search under Reflector of System.Reactive v 1.0.10605 and didn't spot anything with the string "Await" in it. –  Reb.Cabin Aug 10 '11 at 14:19
It's in the System.Reactive.Linq.Observable class: public static AsyncSubject<TSource> GetAwaiter<TSource>(this IObservable<TSource> source) –  Joe Albahari Aug 11 '11 at 13:40

Switch to the other tab in the dialog and add System.Reactive and System.Reactive.Linq in the namespace list

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ok. thank you for your response. –  Gullu Jun 11 '11 at 17:16

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