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I need a regular expression to match an ID in the following format

123 or 123-45

There can by any amount of numbers before an after the hyphen. The problem right now is that my expression matches 123- and I need it not too (hyphen is optional, but if it's present then there MUST be at least one digit after it).

I have tried ^\d+[-\d+]? and ^\d+[-\d]?\d*, but neither work.

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@Dunnie - These are hardly "unnecessary tags" - In fact, we always ask people to add these tags! It is relevant to the question if the regex is using the .Net engine, or is used in Asp.Net for validation. –  Kobi Jun 10 '11 at 21:58

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Try something like:


You want to have - optional with at least a single digit. [-\d] allows a hyphen or a digit, followed by zero digits. A similar pattern in ^\d+(?:-\d)?\d*$.

See also:

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This should do it:

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As Kobi said - you almost had it right, you just mixed up the square with the round brackets

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How about: \d+-?

Matching all digits and optionally a hyphen

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Replacing the * with a + forces it to match one or more of the preceding element, rather than zero or more.

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