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What is the correct way to uninstall spring-security-core plugin completely? I'm working on a Grails app that no longer needs a login and I'd like to remove it.

Even though I have uninstalled it via:

grails uninstall-plugin spring-security-core

Plugin [spring-security-core-1.1.3] is installed, but was not found in the application's metadata, do you want to uninstall? [y,n] My choice doesn't seem to effect anything.

I keep getting message "Configuring Spring Security ..." when starting application.

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uninstall-plugin should work, but you can do it manually. Edit and remove the line for the plugin, then delete the directory under $HOME/.grails/<grails version>/projects/<your project>/plugins. Then run grails clean to remove any old classes.

In general this will work, as long as the plugin doesn't do any work in its _Uninstall.groovy script, which is the case for Spring Security Core (it's empty).

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Thanks. That worked. +1 and answer – BuddyJoe Jun 10 '11 at 21:59

You should also make sure you clean up any references to Spring Security beans that you may have used. For example, if you are injected springSecurityService into your controllers/services/etc to retrieve the currently logged in user - you will now find missing beans on startup/null pointer exceptions

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good ideas. thanks +1 – BuddyJoe Jun 13 '11 at 21:06

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