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I have an instance variable in a form @partnership.

Depending on how that form is called it has a associated object Landlord or Seller. In the example below it was called by a Seller.

I want to test to see what objects exist in the @partnership instance


 if @partnership.objectname== Seller 
   do something
 elsif parnership.objectname= Landlord
   do somethhing else

Below is debug of the object called by a seller. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

--- !ruby/object:Partnership 
  default_partnership: false
attributes_cache: {}

new_record: true
sellers: []
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First, it's probably an error when you wrote the code, but you forgot the @ in:

elsif parnership.objectname= Landlord

Second, instead of

@partnership.objectname== Seller

you should use:

@partnership.class == Seller


@partnership.is_a? Seller

But I dont see why you want to do that: it's not want you want. A partnership is not a Seller or a Landlord, right? How is defined the association between Partnership and sellers/landlords ? Are you using polymorphism ?

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Thanks Wes. This issue I am having is this. –  Anthony Sargent Jun 11 '11 at 11:07

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