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I choose Mercurial as repo. The root of the project is /Myproject and contains folders /MyProject/src, and /MyProject/res; Now I want to add rename folders in the repository to create another hierarchy:


How can I do this in MercurialEclipse plugin, without using hg rename commands in terminal?

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From the command line that's:

hg rename src Server/src
hg rename red Server/res
hg commit -m 'moved res and src into Server'

presumably you can do that in MercurialEclipse too, but maybe it's time to toss the GUI crutches to the side.

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ok @Ry4an; sorry for one more question; the following command works without problem? (i'm new on mercury, but is just fear...) hg rename src/A/B/C/*.java (rename all files without lost original names?) – gcrav Jun 12 '11 at 4:41
That command won't work without a destination, and it will need to be a directory. Something like hg rename src/A/B/C/*.java dest/A/B/C is fine. – Ry4an Jun 13 '11 at 1:44

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