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In TFS, we have alerts set up to send emails for specific events for work items.

Is there a feature or way to have an incoming email trigger creation of a work item?

This would help to log reported bugs coming from other groups in our organization.

If there's no built-in TFS feature, how could a custom component be built to accommodate this requirement?

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TFS does not have this capability built in. Please see this MSDN Forum post to have some ideas how this can be done.

You could write a little service which connects/listen to a POP3/IMAP mail account and downloads the mails. Go through the mail which needs to have a specific structure or an attachement with the information needed by the work item. Then use the Work Item Extensibility API and create a new work item.

I can imagine a second solution. Configure your Sharepoint to receive incoming mails. Route them into a document list or something and let a workflow call the WIT API.

In 2010, the TFS Work Item Tracking Object Model is what you need to interact with the TFS server to create new work items.

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There was an MSDN article a while ago that presented a way to do this. You can find it at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/hh335060.aspx.

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I am looking for this, thanks! –  Sean Mar 20 '13 at 0:52

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