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How important is it to know XML for web development? How is it useful and where does it come into play? Thank you.

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I have an understanding of basic XML and it has been helpful when I'm developing for the web. Its syntax is super-simple and could be described in two pages, at most.

There are a lot of XML tutorials out there but they're usually very wordy: they include sections on the history of XML, the future of XML, and all kinds of extraneous fluffy stuff.

I think that this page from a tutorial is OK. Surely there are others.

Please don't go spending $59.99 on an XML book. All of those two-inch-thick doorstops are not useful at all. You can learn it on your own.

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It's important, as it's one of two standards for document/data exchange on the web. The other major format is JSON.

While the uptake of JSON is on the rise, XML is still widely used, with built-in support for it on many development platforms.

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XML is still widely used, but within web JSON is a lot more popular. XML is very common outside the web. –  Raynos Jun 10 '11 at 23:29

You can use it for simple data storage.

XML is usually used for configuration files, and not just for web apps.

Application frameworks that require configuration usually rely on XML configs too, for example lots of ORMs, lots of IoC containers etc...

There is other side of XML when it is used as presentation markup of some sort (with XSLT usually - check Umbraco for example if you work with ASP.NET).

These are just few of top of my mind right now

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XML is quite important and can be useful in many ways not limited to few mentioned here:

  • XML in combination with XSLT can be used to create web pages however even though the approach is platform neutral it is quite verbose, difficult to maintain and not google friendly.

  • XML is commonly used in Service Oriented environment for exchanging data due to its neutral format however nowadays JSON is another alternatives with some limitations.

  • XML is primarily used as configuration file for various Web, ORM (Hibernate), AOP (Spring) frameworks.
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It is important. It can be used to read data from (like a database), to export data to (for reports) and most important it is the format for many webservices.

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WebServices should serve JSON –  Raynos Jun 10 '11 at 23:28
Sure they should. But the point here is that xml is important for web. –  nosuchnick Jun 10 '11 at 23:36

HTML is based on XML. Therefore if you don't know HTML, you don't know XML, and you wouldn't be a very useful web developer now would you? :)

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