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Is there a way I can make an alias within R that will execute q() and the restart a clean R session?

And yes, I am too lazy to type q() and then the letter R :)

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Well you can clear your workspace with rm(list=ls()) but thats not what you mean right? –  Sacha Epskamp Jun 11 '11 at 9:01
Do you also want to detach any packages and other things you may have attached? –  Spacedman Jun 11 '11 at 9:15
Perhaps one suggestion would be to add a new option save parameter to q(), such as "r", that restarts R without saving the workspace. Then an alias for q("r") could be assigned to a new function that restarts R. –  Greg Jun 11 '11 at 22:35

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Depending on how you start R try placing one of these lines into your .Rprofile file:

makeActiveBinding("refresh", function() { shell("Rgui"); q("no") }, .GlobalEnv)

makeActiveBinding("refresh", function() { system("R"); q("no") }, .GlobalEnv)

Then entering this into the R console:


will shut down the current session and start up a new one.

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or .Last <- function() system("R") or even later in the shutdown cycle reg.finalizer(.GlobalEnv, function(e) system("R"), TRUE). Then q() keeps coming back. –  Martin Morgan Jun 11 '11 at 21:57
This just closes R –  hedgedandlevered Apr 11 at 13:23
Ensure R is on your PATH. –  G. Grothendieck Apr 11 at 15:32
makeActiveBinding("refresh", function() { system(paste0(R.home(),"/bin/i386/R")); q("no") }, .GlobalEnv)

or with --save or --no-save

paste0(R.home(),"/bin/i386/R --no-save")

I think this is what you need if you've used setwd() before calling refresh (although neither this nor the original version works for me, since it restarts R then closes itself, a new window is never opened. If anyone can comment on this, please do so)

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