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I use 1and1 mainly - through legacy/lethargy reasons as I would not recommend them. Unfortunately, they do not allow access to the SPF/TXT records of domains, and I need this. At the moment I do not need a new host (as there are too many client systems to move over), but just someone to register the domain and give me access to the DNS, SPF, etc...


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Isn't using 1and1 always for legacy/lethargy reasons? –  froh42 Mar 10 '09 at 17:37
not programming related, either... –  Alnitak Mar 12 '09 at 22:50

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There are many such companies and it will be hard to list them all. For instance, the DNS hoster I use sometimes, Gandi, allows you to set SRV, LOC, AAAA, TXT (but not SPF and not DS).

Do note that very few programs use the SPF record, they typically lookup only the legacy TXT one.

And, of course, another option is to manage the zone yourself on one server which belongs to you.

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FreeDNS allows TXT, but not SPF. And it's free!

If you simply delegate your domain's DNS to FreeDNS, you can still host other things where you do now.

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I think Joker.com might be able to help you. They have these options

alt text

...and here is a list someone has put together

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