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I have a tabhost with tabs and the text is set, I just do not like how they are set by default. The text is centered horizontally, but they gravitate to the bottom vertically. I would like to center them completely and resize the text.

I did not see API calls to do this, insight appreciated

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See the answer given by Kocus to my question Controlling Tab colour-state / size in a TabActivity? It covers creating your own custom layouts for the Tabs.

Possibly more than you need as I was looking to do more than just text position and size but it's fairly straight-forward. Also, I haven't found any other way of doing anything with the tabs without using this sort of approach.

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see the accepted answer in the post here, this is what I was going to suggest, you can inflate and set any view you want as the tab indicator. – schwiz Jun 11 '11 at 1:01

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