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I am trying to use the matchinfo function of sqlite with its second parameter, but it is throwing errors. The Java wrapper I am using the Xerial wrapper. I am using this query to test matchinfo.

SELECT matchinfo(search, 'pcx') AS 'test' FROM search WHERE search MATCH 'a search query'

it throws this error,

SQL error or missing database (wrong number of arguments to function matchinfo()

Any idea why this is happening? this website says the matchinfo has an optional second parameter, and I am using fts4 to do this.


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Also, slightly off topic, but matchinfo returns a blob of unsigned integers in the form of a byte array. I can't remember how to convert the byte array into an array of ints (longs since unsigned) in java. – Rick Button Jun 11 '11 at 3:56
Once again off topic, but if someone wants to get access to the matchinfo data using Xerial, wrap your function in the Function class, and use this method – Rick Button Jun 11 '11 at 4:19

the sqlite-jdbc-3.7.15-SNAPSHOT.jar from fixes your problem.

I did not find any version in Maven. So you have to download the jar manually.

Edit: It's finally in maven central.



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