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I m trying to calculate a day diff in Javascript to apply some value. The first expression

if subs_start

is working fine, but the second one


is not working, same goes with



var subs_start = 0;
var subs_mid = 0;
var subs_end = 0;               
var dayDiff = (end_year*365 + end_mon * 30 + end_day) 
            - (start_year*365 + start_mon* 30 + start_day);
var oneDay=1000*60*60*24;
var oneHour = 1000*60*60;
var timeDiff = endDate.getTime() - startDate.getTime();
var hourDiff = timeDiff/oneHour;
var start_rem_hour = 24 - start_hour*1;

$.each(subsistence, function(id,subs){

    if(subs.start <= start_rem_hour && start_rem_hour < subs.end ){
        subs_start = subs.rate;
    alert('T' + end_hour);

    if(subs.start <= end_hour && end_hour < subs.end ){
        subs_end = subs.rate;
        alert ('e ' + subs_end);

    if(dayDiff > 2){
        if(subs.start >= 10){
            subs_mid = subs.rate * (dayDiff - 2);
            alert ('m ' + subs_mid);


var subs_allow = subs_start*1 + subs_mid*1 + subs_end*1 ;
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What is the behavior you expect, and what is going wrong? – bbg Jun 11 '11 at 4:50
In this case the phrase "is not working" doesn't mean really anything except that you got an answer that you did not expect. What was the data you processed and what is the answer that surprised you? It may even be that it's your expectation that is incorrect... – 6502 Jun 11 '11 at 6:21
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I m finally able to find the answer. I need to multiple start_rem_hour and end_hour with 1 to convert into int. It seems js is taking them as string and when i multiply with 1 it gets into integer scope.

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Not sure what is being asked for.

For DateTime calculations in javascript I would recommend Datejs library:


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