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All open source object serialization libraries which I know of (JvAppStorage, NativeXml, OmniXML, SuperObject, lkJSON) seem to have no support for Generics properties yet. (Please correct me if I am wrong).

Do you know a library which has this feature or plans to add it? How about the JSON serialization library in Delphi 2010 (I am still using Delphi 2009)


  property Prop1: TObjectList<TMyPersistent> read GetProp1 write SetProp1;
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Have a look to my simple solution using JCL/JVCL serializer in this post:
How to serialize Delphi TObjectList<TMyClass> type to XML with TJvAppXMLFileStorage?

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DeHL have for XML, ini but still not for JSON

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The DeHL page says it is discontinued as of January 9, 2012 – mjn Jan 22 '12 at 11:49
Link: – mjn Jan 22 '12 at 11:54

SvSerializer is a Library that serializes and de-serializes to/from Objetic/JSON/XML. A complete tool!

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