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Is it a good practice to access a HttpContext session outside the controller in separate helper class?


Should the controller take all the responsibility of getting the data from the session and transfer to a helper class


HomeController : BaseController
    var value1 = Httpcontext.Session["key1"];
    var value2 = Httpcontext.Session["key2"];
    var val...

Or should it mock HttpContextBase and use it as in the following?

HomeController : BaseController
    //Use Dependency Injection pattern

Implementation of ISessionWrapper is

public interface ISessionWrapper
     T GetFromSession<T>(string key);
     SetInSession(string key, object value);

public class HttpContextSessionWrapper : ISessionWrapper
   private T GetFromSession<T>(string key)
      return (T) HttpContext.Session[key];

   private void SetInSession(string key, object value)
      HttpContext.Session[key] = value;

public class BaseController : Controller
   public ISessionWrapper SessionWrapper { get; set; }

   public BaseController()
      SessionWrapper = new HttpContextSessionWrapper();
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Apparently you want to have some testability in your code (after all that's why you're going through the burden of creating an ISessionWrapper).

Both approaches have ups and downs.

  • Using the HttpContext directly

    • Quicker to develop

    • Need some thoughts on testing class. Nemely the ability to emulate a HttpContext. Doable with library available on the NET.

  • Using dependency injection (ISessionWrapper):

    • Slower to develop

    • Need to "reinvent the wheel" regarding access to the HttpContext

    • A lot more code to write and mantain

So, I would ponder the pros and cons of both approaches and decide depending on my goals.

However, personally, I would choose the path that require a lot less code to write.

Edited to Add

In reply to the heart of the question (after a nag in from the OP) the controller should always manage the data gathering before passing them to the actuators.

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Hi Paulo thanks for the reply.The other question is should the Controller take all the responsibility of getting the data from session and transfer it to helper class ? – Mangesh Pimpalkar Jun 11 '11 at 7:51
The way you posted it, seemed asking what were the best way to handle the access to the HttpContext. – Paulo Santos Jun 11 '11 at 8:59

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