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I'm finding a way to note types variables and function arguments in Lua. Is there a way? And any LINT-like tool to check those types?

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lua-users.org/wiki/LuaTools -> Code Documentation section, and lua-users.org/wiki/LuaLint. Not sure if these are the type of thing you are looking for... –  Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jun 11 '11 at 7:38

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I don't like encoding types on variable names. I prefer giving the variables explicit enough names so their intent is clear.

If I needed more than that, I use a typechecking function when needed:

function foo(array, callback, times)
  checkType( array,    'table',
             callback, 'function',
             times,    'number' )
  -- regular body of the function foo here


The function checkType can be implemented like this:

function checkType(...)
  local args = {...}
  local var, kind
  for i=1, #args, 2 do
    var = args[i]
    kind = args[i+1]
    assert(type(var) == kind, "Expected " .. tostring(var) .. " to be of type " .. tostring(kind))

This has the advantage of properly raising an error on execution. If you have tests, your own tests will do the LINT-stuff and fail if a type is unexpected.

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Thanks for answer. I realized there is no concept of type system in Lua :) –  Eonil Jun 11 '11 at 12:42

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