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I hav an application where I have an TabActivity and which have 2tabs(each tab as an activity) First tab(an activity) loads data from internet. So I want there a progressdialog until the 1st tab(an activity) loads data from internet.

ProgressDialog.show(TabHostActivity.this, "Working..", "Downloading Data...",true);

only this much code i have which not give satisfaction please anybody tell me what i write to show a progressdialog until it download the data. (means i hav to use thread). Please give me answer along with code Thank you

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In tabGroupActivity ,use progressDialog in the folllowing way( If your activity is the sub Activity of any tabhost):

ProgressDialog.show(getParent(), "Working..", "Downloading Data...",true);

try this, and one more thing implement ProgressDialog using threads: see this for help : how to get a progress bar on button click?

Hope this will give you some idea on the topic.

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Why to take care of Thread if there is already a Painless threading i.e. AsyncTask provided by Android –  Paresh Mayani Jun 11 '11 at 9:40
ya sure can use that too....but we can use threads explicitly. –  Dinesh Sharma Jun 11 '11 at 9:42

You should implement AsyncTask inside the First Tab activity, Asynctask is known as PainLess Threading.

Just go through the above 2 links and then do as follows:

  1. call dialog.show() method inside the doInBackground() method.
  2. call dialog.dismiss() method inside the onPostExecute() method.
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