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I use erlIDE (based on Eclipse) to work on Erlang projects. Till today everything was fine, but today I have to use external library (couchbeam) in my application. I found out, what is hell, btw.)

The problem is simple – I cannot include external library to compiler path. I've used rebar to get couchbeam's dependencies and it also downloaded ibrowse, mochiweb and ejson.

How can I include those libraries to compiler path without modifing ERL_LIBS to work on project in erlIDE?

I do not want modify ERL_LIBS, because I can change projects's path, start new one (then I should modify ERL_LIBS again) and so on.

I've tried compiler options in erlIDE:

{pa, {pa, 'site_stater/deps/couchbeam/'}}


{pa, {pa, '../deps/couchbeam/'}}

where 'site_stater' – is project's name

I wonder how professional erlang programmers organaze their projects workflow (where they write erlang progs, how debuggin it, deal with external libraries and so on).

Many thanks for your attension.

UPDATE I wrote simple function to load libraries, but I think it is still wrong way to deal with this problem:

load_libraries() ->
    ProjectRoot = filename:join([filename:absname("./"), "site_stater"]),
    {ok, DepsList} = file:list_dir(ProjectRoot ++ "/deps/"),
    lists:foreach(fun (Folder) ->
                       RealFolder = ProjectRoot ++ "/deps/" ++ Folder,
                       case filelib:is_dir(RealFolder) of
                           true ->
                               code:add_patha(filename:join([RealFolder, "/ebin"]));
                           false -> ok
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I know very little about erlIDE but I think it very strange that you should double-nest the directory in a {pa,...} directory. –  rvirding Jun 11 '11 at 23:54

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I can't verify it right now, but you should be able to use {pa, '../deps/couchbeam/'} in the compiler options. If that doesn't work, please try using an absolute path.

The compiler settings are not finished yet, we plan to have some simpler way to refer to external libraries but we're not there yet. Every such query from users increases the importance of fixing it!

regards, Vlad

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thank you for your work. erlIDE really rocks) –  Dimitry Jun 14 '11 at 10:12
I'm also looking for the solution how to add dependencies to other libraries, in erlide. any news? –  etxalpo Oct 25 '13 at 13:13
Can you please explain this further? Where in Eclipse do I add paths to external libraries, which my project depends upon. Are there any user guide explaining this? I use erlide –  etxalpo Oct 25 '13 at 13:17
The project properties have an "Erlang compiler" page where there is a field for miscellaneous options. There you can add Erlang terms (like in the argument for compile:file/2) with configuration that doesn't have UI. –  Vlad Dumitrescu Oct 25 '13 at 14:58
Just a note, I am currently working on integrating make/emake/rebar builders, so it will no longer be necessary to do these "magic" configs. It will take a few weeks until it's ready for beta testing. –  Vlad Dumitrescu Oct 25 '13 at 15:00

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