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i am new to greasemonkey. I'd like to create scripts to change my favourite wep apps look and download images from web app like facebook.

I know some jquery and i will be able to find the image element. But i dont know how to save them in local file system.

Any help would be appreciative!


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Greasemonkey is not the tool for this.
GM will let you grab and insert external images into a page, but it cannot save images, or anything else, to the local file system. (This is by design -- as allowing JavaScript to save files is a proven security disaster.)

A pretty good extension for grabbing and saving lots of images is: DownThemAll! .

If you want to grab images automatically, you'll have to write a scraper application or your own web-application.

Greasemonkey can send images to your webserver, which can save them.

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+1 for downloadthemall. –  Michael Jasper Jun 11 '11 at 22:26
Thanks. After i install DownThemAll, the download link which i created on the images in facebook, shows download option on right click. –  Tamil Vendhan Kanagaraju Jun 12 '11 at 20:33

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