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I am developing mobile application for android and for iphone. I have an advanced handmade logger which tracks every user action and sends logs to server. If there is no internet it stores logs and sends them later. The questions are is there a logging system on the market, with which I can track anything I want(method logger.write I assume :)) And the main question: which system I should use for complex data analysis? F.ex. to see how much time users with specific phone model spent on given page after visiting another page.

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To answer your main question I suggest you to use Flurry Analytics. I am using it on Android and it is very simple to integrate. Everything you need to know is on their WikiPage.

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Nice one. I was using google analytics. This one is worth giving a try. – Praveen S Jun 11 '11 at 11:45

For Android you can use Google Analytics. I'm not sure if there is anything for the iPhone.

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There is Omniture for android iphone web.

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The API provided for iPhone is confusing. I've been struggling with a client to get this whole thing to work for weeks now. Definitely not recommended. Flurry and Google Analytics are way easier, though admittedly you can't run it on your own server, so you can't shield your data from Flurry or Google. – Johan Kool Aug 11 '11 at 4:16

You can use sitecatalyst which is available for all the platforms. Check this link

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Another good option would be, they are evolving every day. I think the best analytics provider would be Omniture (an Adobe service - Paid) followed by Google Analytics (Free).

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