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I want to create this infographic( Teaser ;) ) on http://www.bcndevcon.org website

The problem:

If I use Flash I won't be able to display any information on iOS devices BUT i will be able to perform animations if I want to feed in in realtime.

If I use HTML5 I won't be able to display it on any IE, and animations will be slow...

Finally I'm not really sure SVG is a great solution so...

Any suggestion!?

enter image description here

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Hohoho, I got to see a teaser for free :) Looks quite good.

I think you can bet that most developers won't be using IE. Use HTML5.

Also, take a look at highcharts, maybe it has the functionality that you need and you can use it for free for open-source projects.


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Raphael is the library I was looking for. raphaeljs.com Thanks! –  Mc- Feb 4 '12 at 19:32

Raphael JS may also be an option for you.


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