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I am trying to have a listbox showing the friends a specific user has. However, i want each listbox item to show not only the name of the friend, but a thumbnail sized picture.. How could I implement this? I have been searching for some kind of item template option, but no luck. I also searched for a special htmlOption that could be used, but couldnt find one in the source code. Right now, my code only shows the names:

echo CHtml::listBox('listOfFriends_id','',
CHtml::listData($model->friends, 'id', 'name'),

Thank you!!

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You can use a CListView to fully customize the HTML for your list. To make it show a drop down menu, you would:

  • Set tagName to select
  • Set itemsTagName to option
  • Set enableSorting to false
  • Set enablePagination to false
  • Set template to "{items}"

I 'm probably forgetting a few more other variables you need to tweak, but the idea is that CListView provides total customization of the HTML for the list so you can get it to make a drop down.

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Thank you very much! This was indeed very helpful, now i am facing a new problem, your opinion is more than welcomed! :) Thanks again –  Soph Jun 12 '11 at 14:11

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