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I have working Hibernate/Spring web-app (HibernateDaoSupport, getHibernateTemplate(), etc). For several tasks i need to use JDBC (jdbcTemplate ?). How to do it in that scenerio ?

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Just create JdbcTemplate and use the same DataSource that is being used by HibernateDaoSupport, HibernateTemplate. Hibernate is just a fancy library working on top of JDBC DataSource/connection. You might use it manually. Try:

private DataSource ds;

If you are lucky, this should work. A better idea is to create JdbcTemplate as a Spring bean and inject proper data source:

<bean id="jdbcTemplate" class="org.springframework.jdbc.coreJdbcTemplate">
  <constructor-arg ref="dataSource"/>

Consider using JdbcOperations interface, also look at SimpleJdbcOperations.

private JdbcOperations jdbc;

If you start to access the same database/connection pool both by Hibernate and using direct JDBC access code, you have to watch out for some side effects:

  • Hibernate L2 cache is not aware of JDBC modifications
  • JDBC code is not aware of Hibernate optimistic locking
  • transaction management
  • ...

Another approach is to access JDBC connection used by Hibernate session (in HibernateDaoSupport:

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Thanks, works great :) –  marioosh Jun 13 '11 at 7:16

You may use Session.doWork to execute code using JDBC connection used by Hibernate.

This of course requires that you use and have access to Hibernate's Session object.

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