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this is an easy question but I can't seem to get it right.

Instead of writing this (=an onComplete function):

Tweener.addTween(resultsIntro, {alpha:0, time:0.5, transition:"easeIn", onComplete:func});

function func() {

I want to write something like this (and it is not working because I don't know how to write it right):

Tweener.addTween(resultsIntro, {alpha:0, time:0.5, transition:"easeIn",

because I don't need this function - how can I write the onComplete code in the same place?

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Tweener.addTween(resultsIntro, {alpha:0, time:0.5, transition:"easeIn",
             onComplete:function() { myResults.removeChild(resultsIntro); });
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Try anonymous function(){}. This technique is similar to JavaScript closures.

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