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The following method does not allow my servlet container to start:

public String upload(final Customer customer, final Control control) {
  // ...

I get, not surprisingly:

SEVERE: Missing dependency for method ... at index 0
SEVERE: Missing dependency for method ... index 1
SEVERE: Method, ..., is not recognized as valid resource method.

I have implemented MessageBodyReaders for each type. Removing any of the parameters enables the servlet container to start gracefully, so I suspect there must be a restriction on the number of parameters that will be resolved via Entity-Providers.

The problem is that I NEED these two parameters, since I am providing both SOAP and REST support, and of course, I am not in the liberty of changing method signatures, and I also do not want to create one specific Jersey method and one specific JAX-WS method as entry points.

I'm using Jersey 1.7.

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JAX-RS allows only one entity parameter. The reson is very simple: each request may have at most one body (multiparts are not supported by spec) So you must create two methods. Btw, I don't think it's a good practice to mix JAXRS and JAXWS in the same class.

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Right... A possible way is to clump together Customer and Control into a CustomerWithControl class, then internally call the method that accepts separate Customer and Control as parameters. –  chahuistle Jun 16 '11 at 21:29

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