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Hello I have the follwing domain classes.

class Student {
   int age
   static hasMany = [courses:Course]

class Course {
   String name
   static hasMany = [students:Student]

I want to find the Students taking Course (with id 1), with age 7.

Could I do that with dynamic finder or criteria builder or HQL?

I do not want to do following as it load all students so inefficient:

def course = Course.get(1);
course.students.findAll{ it.age == 7 }
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def studs = Student.withCriteria {
  eq('age', 7)
  courses {
    eq('id', 1)

It's in GORM doc, section "Querying Associations".

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Thanks, that's what i look for –  javanes Jun 12 '11 at 14:22

You can use a dynamic finder:

def students = Student.findByCourseAndAge(Course.load(1), 7)

By using load() instead of get() you avoid retrieving the whole Course instance and just reference its id.

Another option is HQL:

def students = Student.executeQuery(
   'from Student s where s.course.id = :courseId and s.age = :age',
   [courseId: 1, age: 7])
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Hello Burt. Student does not have "course" field, it has "courses". I can not do findByCourse, I can do findByCourses but it may I compare collections. –  javanes Jun 12 '11 at 14:08

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