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If I want something to happen with a file after I save it in Xcode 4, is there any way I can achieve that? Say I want to replace all occurrences of "a" with "b" in the file after saving it.

Can this be done using the Automator? Or any other way?

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This requires file/directory observation:

You could either use an Objective-C wrapper for FSEvents, such as SCEvent

Or you could use Uli Kusterer's UKKQueue, which is an Objective-C wrapper around the kqueue file change notification mechanism.

Similarly to UKKQueue there exists Google's GTMFileSystemKQueue which as well is an Objective-C wrapper around kqueues.

In short:

  • FSEvents inform you about changes within an observed directory
  • kqueues inform you about changes with an observed file

To get an xcodeproj's files (which you then want to observe) parse its internal xml content tree.

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The problem with many of these frameworks is they do not handle safe saves! When modifying a file in Preview it creates one or more temporary files that eventually replace the original file. These temp files are registered as file creation events. –  dbainbridge May 6 '14 at 18:12

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