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Hi I have a domain running in WordPress,

the path to WordPress installation is /subdomain/mywordpress/ and I can access these in mywordpress.mysite.com, Now I wish to load the index page on my main domain, ie

When I goto mysite.com I want to load the Index page of the WordPress, I know if that possible, the links are always pointing to mywordpress.mysite.com, but that is what I need know. because I dont want to remove the mywordpress.mysite.com. I just need to display all posts on my main site, with same design(that is why I prefer to load the Index file of wordpress)

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What about a simple mod_rewrite rule inside a .htaccess to redirect to mywordpress.mysite.com?

This should work:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule . /subdomain/mywordpress/index.php [L]
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Maybe this can help

Integreate wordpress

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You should look at this article in the Codex: Giving WordPress Its Own Directory. It addresses exactly the situation you are describing.

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