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i need import a file to my postgres database and get this error :

invalid input syntax for integer in fabrica, "1"; SQL state: 22P02

my command is :

copy trazabilidade(fabrica, --integer idChapa, --integer descricao, --varchar espessura, --double precision comprimento, --double precision largura, --double precision peso) from 'C:/temp_nexo/traz.csv' delimiter ';';

how can I import data from csv file types that have numbers??

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Can not extend Pg coercions

The data-loading mechanism relies on the data being a formal representation of a Pg data-type, or coercible (e.g, cast'able) by Pg. However, there isn't currently a way to add custom-coercions for the Pg types. You can not for instance, make '31,337'::int work by overriding the coercion to an Int.

It also suggests two alternatives, namely pgloader.

pgloader is much better at loading error-prone data in a more flexible format than the built-in COPY is. The downsides are additional install complexity (Python+psycopg+configuration) and a sometimes significant speed loss compared with the built-in COPY.

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As per Denis's reply about the COPY command, you can't add custom coercions to postgres copy commands. If pgloader is overkill, you can load your data to a temp table and then from there examine, then cast/trim/manipulate any data you think should be valid.

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