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displayContacts         :: Contact ->[String]

displayContacts []      =   []

displayContacts (x :xs) =    [show (x)] ++  displayContacts (xs)

after performing above function following result showing with exta "\" why is that and how to overcome this

(    \"Akila\",\"Silva\",7798123123)","(\"Sudantha\",\"Gunawardana\",779812456)"]

i want to display this as "Fazaal" "Naufer" 7712345678 likewise

in my function contact is list of tupples :- [("Isuru","Ranaisnghe",123)]

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Doesn't print xs do what you want? What exactly do you want different? –  ShreevatsaR Jun 11 '11 at 18:21

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When you show a string, show "hello", the show instance for String adds in quotes, which are escaped when GHCi prints out a data structure.

There are a few solutions, depending on what your goal is. If you just want cleaner output in GHCi then:

putStrLn $ unlines $ displayContacts contact
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