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Is there a way to get PCL-CVS to operate on multiple CVS repositories at the same time? Each repository should get its own *cvs* buffer.

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A prefix arg bigger than 8 is needed. e.g. C-u C-u M-x cvs-update

I found the answer in the Emacs manual.

cvs-examine is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `pcvs.el'.

Run a 'cvs -n update' in the specified DIRECTORY. That is, check what needs to be done, but don't change the disc. Feed the output to a cvs buffer and run `cvs-mode' on it. With a prefix argument, prompt for a directory and cvs FLAGS to use. A prefix arg >8 (ex: C-u C-u), prevents reuse of an existing cvs buffer. Optional argument NOSHOW if non-nil means not to display the buffer.

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