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I'm running IntelliJ IDEA 8.0.1 and would like to upgrade my Grails installation to Grails 1.1 which was released today (March 10, 2009). When the upgrade is complete and I try to "run-app" my application I get the error message

"Grails Are Not Configured".

It seems to be a known problem - but is there any work-around or fix? I'd love to upgrade to Grails 1.1, but I'm not willing to trade it for IntelliJ.

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IntelliJ IDEA 8.1 supports Grails 1.1 SDKs

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Grails 1.1 doesnt work with Intellij Idea 8.0.1.

I think the updated Intellij 8.1.1 EAP will work with Grails 1.1. If you are having problems though try using an older version of grails (i.e. 0.6)

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I'll have to try it at home, but I wonder if you just have to point to the Grails 1.1 SDK when you create your Grails module?

I'm using the Python plug-ins in IntelliJ 8.1. When I create a new Python module, I have to specify where to find the Python SDK.

I'm assuming that it's similar for Grails.

If the Grails plug-ins are written assuming Grails 1.0 you're screwed. No getting around that until the plug-in is upgraded.

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