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I want to implement MVC in my Android application for reasons I have heard but not realized. Can anyone lead me to implement MVC in my application? Kindly mention the benefits for using the same.


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It's already implemented as per this post here: MVC pattern in Android?

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For one thing, it allows you to plug in a different algorithms or data store/source into your app with a single line of code. So in my sample Android app, I can switch from DES, to AES to TDES encryption in one line of code. It allows you to port your algorithm to another app with a completely different user interface and architecture. So in .NET I can write a Windows Form app and then port it to a Web Form app without re writing the core algorithm code. If you are looking for an example in Android I have a complete example here. If you can read C# code I have an example here.

Have fun. JAL

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