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I'm trying to get full text search working in Yii and I can't seem to find the issue.

I have the following SQL statement working correctly.

SELECT * FROM Topic WHERE MATCH(title,content) AGAINST ('testing' IN BOOLEAN MODE) LIMIT 11;

In Yii, I'm using the following critieria that appears to be returning SELECT * FROM Topic LIMIT 11;

CDbcriteria Object
   [_paramCount:private] => 0
   [select] => *
   [distinct] =>
   [condition] =>
   [params] => Array

   [limit] => 11
   [offset] => 0
   [order] =>
   [group] =>
   [join] =>
   [having] =>
   [where] => Array
         [0] => MATCH (title,content) AGAINST ('testing' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

Any ideas where I've gone wrong?

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I believe the fulltext search should be placed in "condition", not "where".

I usually use the function addCondition to accomplish this.

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Works beautifully. Thanks! –  Jason George Jun 13 '11 at 13:30

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