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I'm trying to create a filter on a Google Analytics profile. I'd like it to include only traffic that has come as a result of searching for a specific search term.

For example, imagine I'm interested only in people who have arrived at my site having searched for the word 'dog'. I don't care about any other visitors, so I want all my reports to be filtered for people who have searched for 'dog' to get to the site.

I have tried this a few ways, but I'm not convinced they're working. My latest attempt was the following:

Edit filter

  • Filter type: Include
  • Filter field: Referral
  • Filter pattern: (\?|&)(q|p)[^&]*)
  • Case sensitive: no

At the moment, this appears to be letting through traffic that has not come from a search engine. It would be great if someone could explain what I need to do to get it to work correctly!

Many thanks,


[P.S. I realise this may sound like a strange request, but it's partly to help me learn a bit more about filters]

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This seems like a rather limiting filter, considering the rate at which search terms are not being provided. –  confidentjohn Dec 10 '13 at 22:58

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Add another Include filter where medium=organic

You could also do it using Advanced Segments instead of requiring to setup a new profile for each keyword :-)

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