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Why does this calcuation: double number = (13 /(13+12+13))

equals 0?

It should be around 0.34, I think!


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Because you are dividing an int with an int. You should be doing

double number = (13.0 /(13.0+12.0+13.0));
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That are integers. So it does integer division. And thus truncates to the next lower(closer to 0) integer.

Add a .0 to a number like 13.0 to make it a double.

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Because you're using all INT in your formula - it will be treated as INT for the result too.

Try this instead:

var result = 13.0 / (13.0 + 12.0 + 13.0)

and your result will be:

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Try adding a .0:

(13.0 /(13+12+13))

Otherwise you're dealing with integers.

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Another option is to cast one of the arguments explicitly to double and thus forcing the runtime to perform double division. e.g. :

double result = ((double)13 / (13 + 12 + 13)); 
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Adding a ".0" will help:

double number = (13.0 /(13.0+12.0+13.0));
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