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I'm currently using Nasa worldwind SDK so as to get the exact elevation of a precise point on Earth . The problem is that i'm getting wrong values . I don't know if it's related to some zoom stuff seeing that I'm not so familiar with this SDK .

I'm very thankful for ur help Here's the code snippet i'm using :

     m = (Model) WorldWind.createConfigurationComponent(AVKey.MODEL_CLASS_NAME);

     Angle lat,longitude;
     lat=new Angle(Angle.fromDegreesLatitude(clicked_Geoposition.getLatitude()));
     longitude=new Angle(Angle.fromDegreesLongitude(clicked_Geoposition.getLatitude()));
     double test=nasa.getBestElevation(lat,longitude);
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It looks like there may be a bug on the second to the last line. Should it be the following instead?

   longitude=new Angle(Angle.fromDegreesLongitude(clicked_Geoposition.getLongitude()));
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I'm so sorry , it's a shame ! I was so tired after 7 hours of coding that i'm made this silly mistake . Thank you for your help . I should quit programming :( – Hassan Belhabib Jun 12 '11 at 12:45
No need to apologize. That's what code reviews are for. I'm glad that fixed the problem and hope you were able to get some sleep! – btreat Jun 12 '11 at 14:17

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