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I am trying to add the ability for the camera to go up and down on the Y axis, something it currently does not support. I have tried adding to the Y value when W and or S is pressed but it doesn't work correctly. What kind of formula do I need? I know it has to do with the pitch and adding to the Y axis.

void WALKING_CAMERA::Update(double time)
    //calculate the distance to move, based on time passed
    static double lastTime=time;
    double timePassed=time-lastTime;

    float distance=speed*(float)timePassed/1000;

    //Get the mouse position
    POINT mPos;


    //make sure angleY is not too great


    //set the mouse back to the centre of the screen

    //move forward/back or strafe
    if(window.isKeyPressed(VK_UP) || window.isKeyPressed('W'))
        position.x += (float)sin(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;
        position.z -= (float)cos(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;

    if(window.isKeyPressed(VK_DOWN) || window.isKeyPressed('S'))
        position.x -= (float)sin(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;
        position.z += (float)cos(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;

    if(window.isKeyPressed(VK_RIGHT) || window.isKeyPressed('D'))
        position.x += (float)cos(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;
        position.z += (float)sin(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;

    if(window.isKeyPressed(VK_LEFT) || window.isKeyPressed('A'))
        position.x -= (float)cos(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;
        position.z -= (float)sin(angleYaw*M_PI/180)*distance*25;


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For forward movement, something to this effect should work:

position.y += (float)sin(anglePitch * M_PI / 180) * distance * 25;

You may have to reverse the sign, as I'm not sure whether your application uses positive or negative Y values for upward movement.

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Fantastic. Thank you! It ended up being negative also. – Wallaby Brooks Jun 12 '11 at 0:59

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