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For example I have the string "root/data/home/file1.txt" I would like to get "root/data/home" Is there a convenient function in C++ that allows me to do this or should I code it myself?

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You can do basic string manipulation, i.e.

std::string path = "root/data/home/file1.txt";
// no error checking here
std::string prefix = path.substr(0, path.find_last_of('/'));

or take a third option like Boost.Filesystem:

namespace fs = boost::filesystem;
fs::path path = "root/data/home/file1.txt";
fs::path prefix = path.parent_path();
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+1 for mentioning boost, which will work with different platforms –  Ben Voigt Jun 12 '11 at 1:57

If you're on a POSIX system, try dirname(3).

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There's certainly no convenient function in the language itself. The string library provides find_last_of, which should do well.

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This is rather platform-dependent. For example, Windows uses '\' for a path separator (mostly), Unix uses '/', and MacOS (prior to OSX) uses ':'.

The Windows-specific API is PathRemoveFileSpec.

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