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I would like to convert the string containing abc to a list of characters and a hashset of characters. How can I do that in Java ?

String abc = "abc";
    List<Character> charList = new ArrayList<Character>(abc.toCharArray());
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You will have to either use a loop, or create a collection wrapper like Arrays.asList which works on primitive char arrays (or directly on strings).

List<Character> list = new ArrayList<Character>();
Set<Character> unique = new HashSet<Character>();
for(char c : "abc".toCharArray()) {

Here is an Arrays.asList like wrapper for strings:

public List<Character> asList(final String string) {
    return new AbstractList<Character>() {
       public int size() { return string.length(); }
       public Character get(int index) { return string.charAt(index); }

This one is an immutable list, though. If you want a mutable list, use this with a char[]:

public List<Character> asList(final char[] string) {
    return new AbstractList<Character>() {
       public int size() { return string.length; }
       public Character get(int index) { return string[index]; }
       public Character set(int index, Character newVal) {
          char old = string[index];
          string[index] = newVal;
          return old;

Analogous to this you can implement this for the other primitive types. Note that using this normally is not recommended, since for every access you would do a boxing and unboxing operation.

The Guava library contains similar List wrapper methods for several primitive array classes, like Chars.asList, and a wrapper for String in Lists.charactersOf(String).

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The lack of a good way to convert between a primitive array and a collection of its corresponding wrapper type is solved by some third party libraries. Guava, a very common one, has a convenience method to do the conversion:

List<Character> characterList = Chars.asList("abc".toCharArray());
Set<Character> characterSet = new HashSet<Character>(characterList);
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Looks like I have reinvented the wheel here ... I suppose Chars.asList does about what the asList method in my answer does. – Paŭlo Ebermann Jun 12 '11 at 4:07
Also in Guava is Lists.charactersOf("abc") which is is a little shorter and doesn't make us call toCharArray() – Brad Cupit Jan 6 '14 at 18:45

In Java8 you can use streams I suppose. List of Character objects:

List<Character> chars = str.chars().mapToObj(e->(char)e).collect(Collectors.toList());

And set could be obtained in a similar way:

Set<Character> charsSet = str.chars().mapToObj(e->(char)e).collect(Collectors.toSet());
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The most straightforward way is to use a for loop to add elements to a new List:

String abc = "abc";
List<Character> charList = new ArrayList<Character>();

for (char c : abc.toCharArray()) {

Similarly, for a Set:

String abc = "abc";
Set<Character> charSet = new HashSet<Character>();

for (char c : abc.toCharArray()) {
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Maybe this might work --

List<Character> characterList = new ArrayList<Character>();
char arrayChar[] = abc.toCharArray();
for (char aChar : arrayChar) 
    characterList.add(aChar); //  autoboxing 
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