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Someone I could describe what happens (from the perspective of memory management) when a constant is defined within a method in. Net?

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At runtime they are stored in heap memory as they exist through out the execution and are not garbage collected. – Bala R Jun 12 '11 at 4:08
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Constants are usually resolved at compile time and inserted into the instruction sequence directly. Example:

const int A = 10;
int b;

int i = A + b;

would effectively be compiled into:

int i = 10 + b;

For strings they are being interned and put on the heap.

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When the compiler encounters a constant identifier in C# source code it substitutes the literal value directly into the intermediate language (IL) code that it produces because there is no variable address associated with a constant at run time const fields cannot be passed by reference and cannot appear as an l-value in an expression. And for further information you can check Constants on Msdn.

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